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Emirates Airline Group Font

It took me ages to find it but I eventually did and thought I’d upload it here for others to use. It’s the Emirates Group Font. Titled ‘EK’ it was taken when an Timetable PDF accidentally embedded the font. The font includes the Emirates Symbol (Emirates in Arabic) and ‘Emirates’ in bold. Below are some pictures using the font.

Emirates Logo - 'Hello Tomorrow'

"Where will you wake up tomorrow? - Emirates"

You can download the font hereh.

This link has been removed. It will be replaced soon. Thanks


Obviously there is no copyright infringement purposely made here. Ive uploaded it because I love the Emirates Airline. If you have any issues with this post, contact me on

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The Wonderful World of Sporcle.com

I’ve been in Sri Lanka for the entire month of August and while alot of it was fun, staying in the house with the parents made me turn to my laptop alot. Theres actually nothing more fun than playing Sporcle.

If you havent hit Sporcle before its a addictive quiz game where you simply give answers to almost every question you could possible imagine.

My favourites are World Countries(highest score is embarrassingly low) and there are several great Friends quizzes too.

Sporcle also gives you the chance to create your very own quiz based on anything. And for the techies, the code for the javascript games is brilliant.

Check it out, at Sporcle.com

Received a few requests for the full mp3 audio soundtrack of World Of Color. It is not yet available to purchase so this is only for personal use. World of Color. World of Color is a nighttime show at Disney California Adventure, part of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

You can hear and stream it using the flash media below:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download World of Color Soundtrack

Disney’s World of Color is shown every night at Disney California Adventure.

This is a personal review on Simpsons Removal & Storage Ltd. Based in Kent, they ship goods both around the UK, to Europe and International destinations such as Hong Kong, United States, Australia and around the world. This is a personal review (complaint) of their service while attempting to get some personal belongings moved to Sri Lanka.

Now these sort of moves aren’t cheap and our choice to go with Simpsons wasn’t about picking the cheapest price but the company which looked like it could provide the best service. Moving country is stressful enough without having to chase your luggage around the world too.

Unfortunately, Simpsons seemed to fail at almost every step of the process. We were informed when we first got a quote that our 5 boxes and 1 suitcase would be dropped off at our house in Sri Lanka in 3 to 5 days. After a week went by in Sri Lanka and a lack of emails or telephone calls we were told that we had made this number up and it would actually be 5 to 7 days. After more than 3 weeks and 3 days our boxes eventually arrived.

The first minor hiccup was after sending documentation about the boxes and content back and fourth, they day before they were due to be picked up, we received a text from ParcelForce which stated they were only picking up 5 boxes – one less than had been arranged. A panicked phone call to Simpsons seemed to clear this problem up.

On the day we were due to have them delivered, we heard nothing. Their ‘helpful’ Online Tracking facility suggested our ClientID was wrong. After a phone call we were told the boxes which were due to arrive today in Sri Lanka, were still sitting in their warehouse in England. We were told the reason would be investigated and we would be phoned back. I think if we hadn’t had phoned 3 days later to check up we would still be waiting for a phone call.

When phoning, instead of an apology or explanation we were greeted with a rude woman (names omitted) who informed us that we were never told 3 to 5 days and we must have plugged these days out of thin air. We were told she would phone us back with a follow up.

Another phone call later the same lady told us that she wasn’t dealing with us at all, and it was another woman who we should speak to to deal with the matter.

After this phone call we were given a date and time of the Qatar Airways flight that would have a luggage on board. Finally some solid information that would be out hearts at ease. Or perhaps not. The day after the flight had landed, we received an email from Simpsons stating that our luggage still hadn’t left the UK. The full explanation given in the email was ‘reasons outwith our control’.

Not only was this costing us money on our phone bill, but we had expected our belongings to arrive 3 days after we landed in the country. It contained bedding, clothes, stuff for the kitchen and living room etc. Some of the things, such as bedding, had to be bought in Sri Lanka due to delay in our stuff arriving. While all this was going on, we received no apology. Luckily for them they had no problem getting the due bill payments delivered to our home address – shame about the luggage.

Once the boxes did arrive, it was 25days after promised and several items were missing. (The missing items not a fault related to Simpsons). However, the apparently door-to-door service that we paid hundreds of pounds for, actually cost as an additional £66 in ‘delivery fees’. We have made a complaint to Simpsons and will keep you updated to their response.

Hope this review goes as a warning to anybody wishing to use the service. I’m actually amazed how many page views this is getting due to its rank on Google’s ‘simpsons removals review‘.

If anybody wishes to contact me about this post, use the Contact Form at the top of the page.

After a few requests I’ve just uploaded the Pixar Play Parade audio from Disneyland’s California Adventure.


I’ve uploaded the music as an MP3 to download and I’ve also embedded it below.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download Pixar Play Parade MP3

You can watch a full run of the Pixar Play Parade at Disneyland’s California Adventure at MartinsVids website here.

This post was first submitted and posted in September 2009.

I decided to spend one of my days in Tokyo at Tokyo DisneylI had hoped to arrive for the Rope Drop (Park opening) but missed it by about 20minutes. As I walked through the gate and into Tokyo Disneyland `Main Street` the buzz was crazy. The amount of people that visit seems to be much higher than those in the American Parks. I thought, being as clever as I am, the rule of thumb is always, get a FastPass for the second biggest attraction immediately, then standby the next.

However, this went out the window when the newest attraction – Monsters Inc Ride & Go Seek – had a standby queue of 200minutes and FP was already down to 4pm in the afternoon. I thought I should leave the ride till later in the day when hopefully the standby time will have gone down. I thought I`d do the same for AstroBlaster and head to Splash and Big Thunder Mountain. On my way by spotted Haunted Mansion which turned out to be a walk on so I went for that. Great classic ride. Was pleased to see the singing Busts and the catchy tune in English.

After that headed I for Splash Mountain to pick up a fastpass and then walked to Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road
. Standby was already on 90minutes but since I assumed all the other rides would be the same, I thought I might as well go for it. When I went to WDW when I was 7, I never went on BTMRR so I was quite excited. To be honest, I left a bit disappointed. There weren’t any great falls or air time and thought thought it came across pretty tame. Yes I know its Disney but still. Kinda disappointed.

By the time my 90minute (which turned out to be 60minute) experience at BTMRR finished, I headed to Splash Mountain for the FP. FP queue was empty so pretty much walked on and loved the ride! Great length, great theming, good music (though all translated into Japanese, a recurring theme through the day) and a good few drops. The final drop was a bit of a disappointment but the crowd in my log made it worthwhile – mentally excitable Japanese oldish woman. I like how all the signs don’t say `elderly`, they say `people of advanced age`.

After Splash it was about 11.30 so I headed to the stage area of Tomorrowland to watch One Mans Dream 2:The Legend Lives On . Short catchy title Im sure you`ll agree. Great opening where a picture of Mickey infront of a house in black and white comes to life and slowly turns into a colourful house with a colourful lively Mickey and Minnie. Lasted 20minutes which felt was good.

After the show I remembered I had a FP oppertunity which wasn’t being used (Len Testa would not be impressed) so I walked around to Space Mountain and got a FP. Noticed the standby line was 40minutes so thought I could easily wait as well. Space Mountain, first time riding one, was pretty good but I totally understand now what people mean when they say they feel they are about to have their heads cut off. I was too worried to keep my head up half the time nevermind wave my arms around. Crikey. All I saw was steel coming towards me at a mental speed. Great ride though. Really enjoyed it. Corners were fast, no real airtime but nonetheless pretty exciting.

After Space I walked past Star Tours and totally forgot the ride existed in Tokyo Disneyland. Wait time was 5 minutes and yet they have enough queue space for about 4hours worth of queue. How popular was this ride ever? I thought the ride was rubbish. Never been a fan of Star Wars but I assumed I would enjoy a simulator nonetheless. I suppose I lost a lot because it was in Japanese but still. After being on the Simpsons Ride 4 weeks ago, this looked rubbish. I even remember the good ol` Body Wars being better. Did the speech really take away from it? The woman beside me was holding on for grim death. Bless. I think a Star Wars 2.0 is desperately needed.

Went into Adventureland for Pirates Of The Caribbean . By this time it had started to rain but luckily the queue was at 40minutes and most of that queuing was inside. The pirates ride was awesome. Much better than I remember it as a kid. The Jack Sparrow AA`s are SO unbelievably realistic. The fog screen during the ride is great too. I found myself reaching out like all the other kids on the ride to see how it was done. If I had to pick another ride I would have wanted another go on before the park closed it would have been this or Splash. The songs and most of the speech was in English but occasionally there were sections spoken in English followed by Japanese.

After Pirates I headed to Jungle Cruise where the standby was at 35minutes. I asked if the infamous skipper spiel was in English and was told it was Japanese. I also asked if it was just the English jokes in Japanese but was told it was original Tokyo Disneyland spiel. I speak no Japanese but I *think* I could tell there were certainly some of the jokes used in the WDW/DL versions. Somebody can maybe confirm this.

After Jungle Cruise it was time for one of the shows. ‘Cool The Heat’ is basically all about having fun with a few songs and characters on stage as they shot huge amounts of waters out of cannons around the stage and castle. What’s that you say? I`ll get wet? We`ll surely I cant get that wet – I’m 500m away from the stage? But wait, everyone around is wearing some form of waterproof? A cast member has told me to cover my camera? Oh no. I filmed it and got really wet and I`ll shove the results on Youtube later. The YouTube link at the moment is just a randomers video. Good show. Only 6minutes but its great if its totally boiling and you need a cool down. The Japanese seem to get so easily involved in the shows. They`re enthusiasm is awesome. They do 5 shows a day with each centred around one of the major 5. The show I saw was about Minnie Mouse. I still have the last song in my head. Finally something entirely in English.

The show only featured 4 dancers, Goofy and Minnie which made me wonder if there were any places I could meet Mickey. They don’t seem to have many Meet and Greets – or they aren’t advertised as much. I saw Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother and another Princess walk about but that was about it for the day. Then it occurred to me the best place to find Mickey would be his house. After a 50minute wait in his garden (with lovely cool sprays to kill off the heat) I met Mickey. Woop! Obviously I havent met Mickey personally when I have been this tall but he is really is quite small. I’m 5ft 11 and he must of only reached 5ft 6 maybe? He was cool though and I managed to get 2 photos by faking I had forgotten to put the Flash on. Oooh yeah! They placed us in groups of around 12 and you all have the chance to have a photo and conversation (as much as you can with a mouse who is saving his voice for the parade).

After Mickey I went to Space Mountain and had to play the confused `My Fastpass has run out but can I still use it?`-card. Luckily they have the same policy as they do in WDW and I queued up expecting not to feel as scared at being decapitated. I was wrong.

After I came out the Jubilation Parade was going by. Some pretty cool floats. Music was semi-catchy (Not as good as Dreams Come True Parade) and it had no parade stops. All the characters that you expected to be there, were so that was good. No complaints.

Since I was in Fantasyland I went to hit up Pinocchio`s Daring Adventure. I’m not sure if WDW ever had this but I wanted to see what it was like. Pretty standard Snow White/Peter Pan ride. Clever effect of you going into a cage which was pretty cool. Bog standard ride – again all in Japanese.

By this time I had totally forgotten about Pooh`s Honey Hunt. This is a pretty cool ride as it is completely trackless and one of the first rides to use this technology in any of the Disney Parks. It uses a LPS system which allows many trains to be in the same scene and zoom about happily in what appears to be a random way but is infact totally controlled. You really need to see the YouTube video to understand what I mean. I LOVED this ride. Probably my favourite in the park. It was so so clever, the efforts were great and every ride is kinda different as you get a different ride depending which one of the 3 trains you jump in. Great ride. I went back at the end to ride this again. When you see tiger bouncing, your train actually bounces too. This doesnt come across on the video to well.

The evening show – Monsters Inc – Its Laugher We`re After – had two shows. It takes place infront of the castle and there is a huge seating area which is drawn randomly for seats using your park ticket in a lottery-type scheme in Tomorrowland. (I’m not sure how many people actually lose, though I did see a few people leave without tickets). I won a seat at the side but turned out with a great view. I had to be there at 9pm or my seat would be inaccessible so I figured I should go try get on the Monsters Inc Ride & Go Seek ride before 9pm. It had a two and a half hour wait but it seemed a waste to go to Tokyo Disneyland and not wait it out. The queue was split inside and out.
The queue inside is themed like the huge entrance area of the Monsters Inc lab in the movie. The ride premise is you use a flashlight to try and find monster targets hidden around the scenes. Frankly I found the whole thing a bit of a mess. I didn’t feel there was any correlation between what the people in the train were putting at with their torches, and what was happening in the scenes. Really disappointed. I’m not sure what other reaction about the ride was but I was disappointed. This put me off queuing for the Buzz Lightyear ride. Possible mistake, I’m not sure. The only good thing were the AA`s which, in fairness, looked pretty cool. However, I reckon it would work best as a cool dark ride which a story rather than this weird level of non-interactivity.

As I left Winnie I hit the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade (with usual Electrical Parade music). Some fantastic floats. Went on for about 30minutes possibly with loads of characters including some which I thought shouldn’t have really been there and infact, the character had to introduce himself. Peter`s Dragon anyone? The only odd thing was that the loop for the characters speech and the floats was really short. Maybe it was from where I was standing but I could just hear the first 20secs of the start of the loop again as they began to go out of earshot. Great parade overall though. I’m always in two minds as to whether to put Mickey first or last. With this parade the major 5 (except Pluto) all passed before the end, leaving the last float as a bit of a weird mix of ChipNDale and Pluto.

After this I hit up Snow White. I remember as a child in WDW being a bit scared and I could never remember why – I still don`t.

I made it with about 3minutes to spare before the Monsters Inc Show – Club Monsters – It’s Laughter We’re After . Again conducted all in Japanese except for the songs. Great lights/fireworks/water effects. Lasted about 25minutes and was pretty cool. Got some videos of that too I shall try link to soon.

As in WDW I was counting on the fact that if you are in the queue before the park closes, you get to ride. I couldn’t decide if I should try Buzz Lightyear or one I had already done. I went for Winnie the Pooh again.

That`s my day, now for a few random thoughts.
- Everything is Japanese. I was surprised and just HOW much stuffed had been dubbed into Japanese. I`m fully aware it is for the Japanese market but I was surprised at the length they had gone to in all aspects of the park. It appeared the only attractions that had an optional English extra was the Microadventure (aka, HISTA). I passed on that. Luckily they did have `this is the wildest ride in the wilderness` which made me smile but for the other 99% it was entirely in Japanese. Most of the castmembers I came across in fairness could understand what I was saying. I speak no Japanese but still had a good day. Plus I know understand “How many is in your party?” which leads me on to my next thought.
- Ride Capacity. One major complaint is the sheer size of crowds that visit TDL and the lengthy waittimes. I now know why. I’m not sure if it is a cultural thing but the castmembers do nothing to fill up trains. I was travelling as a solo person and for the most part got my own train. During Snow White and Pinocchio there was a 4 behind and infront so got the entire train to myself for the ride. In Pirates I got an entire row! Suitable for 5 people, all to myself. There was a couple behind me as well. With Splash, BTMRR, Space x2, Haunted Mansion and Monsters Inc I got my own row as well. They have no SingleRider facilities at TDL and not once did they take somebody who was further back in the queue to fill up space. Good in a way, but not great when trying to reduce queues.

- I thought maybe I would get a few mental looks as I was completely by myself and going to Disneyland by yourself is not really what the average person does, however, I didn`t feel out of place at all. Maybe it was the large crowds I just blended in or they assumed I had friends at other attractions – I’m not sure. The only awkward time was when a man asked if I was holding the space for friends. When I said `no` he asked me if I was by myself, and then again to confirm I was by myself in the entire park. We didn’t talk much after that.
- Tokyo does a great job with themeing – as all Disney Parks do, but they really do.

Overall a pretty great day. I know people will probably think I wasted a day in Japan but I really enjoyed myself. The ticket was around 38pounds, I spent 4 on lunch and 5 on popcorn and drinks. A full fun day from 9 till half 10. I`ll try get some of my photos and videos up soon. The ones used here have been taken from a variety of sources.

In the meantime, thanks for reading

This report was first written and posted in July 2010.

Last summer not only did I visit Tokyo Disneyland but I also spent two days at the Universal Studios Hollywood Park in Los Angeles. There are many differences to this park compared to the Universal Studios Resort in Orlando which I’ll talk about another time, but I realised I spent a lot of time detailing my thoughts on my trip to Disney and didn’t spend anytime on Universal Studios.


Located in it’s own Universal City, Kate and I rode the Metro Red Line from Hollywood/Vine to Universal City. The subway entrance is just outside of the hell of a hill to get to the entrance. There is a free tram which can take you up the hill. Take it.

The Resort

The Theme Park is attached to a CityWalk which consists of various amounts of shops, places to eat and a cinema. It’s free to get into and is pretty much a fancy shopping centre.

The Theme Park

Kate bought us both 2day admission tickets for the price of one. This offer still seems to be going around to it’s best to look around for special admission. You can buy a Front of Line pass too which allows the use of special shortcuts through queues and priority seating. We went in the middle of June on two weekdays and there was no need for these at all. The longest queue I think was 20minutes. During the busy season you may want to pay extra for the privileged but I don’t think these tickets come cheap.

The park is split into two ‘Lots’. An Upper Lot and a Lower Lot. Travelling back and forth uses several long escalators. It takes a good 5 or 10minutes to get from one lot to the other so this is useful to bare in mind if you have to get to a show or leave at a certain time. Some people tend to tour the upper lot, then hit the lower lot. We took the hit and just went to which ever ride we fancied.

The first attraction we hit was the Simpsons ride in the Upper Lot. A simulator ride based in the building of the Back To The Future ride. The area around it has been turned into a Krustyland with several shops and stalls selling Springfield items. The queue is fairly boring, winding in front of the show building but shows various clips from the show to keep you semi-amused. The preshow is very entertaining and consists of a wait beside a few stalls for setting of the story and a small preshow video before you board the car. The car seats 8 people in 2 rows of 4. Although the cart goes nowhere, and there are no inversions, the link between the video and movement and create a great sense of reality. The video isn’t in 3d but the 2 dimensional style of the Simpsons has been converted into 3D and it looks awesome. Smells and water sprayed into the car add to the effect. Total class ride. Only problem is that its  best to try get a car in the middle. Cars set at the very left and right are positioned in such a way that if you’re sitting in the far left or right you can see the other cars during certain movements.

After the Simspons we headed down the several escalators (StarWay its called) and headed to Jurassic Park River Adventure. It’s the original Jurassic Park Ride and totally brilliant. Story basically consists of you going on a boat tour round Jurassic Park. The boat goes off course into a Plant where Dinosaurs have escaped and gone a bit mental. It ends with a TRex hovering over you before a 80ft plummet-log flume style. This is a brilliant ride and the ending in the plant really gets your heart racing with anticipation. The fall is horrendous if you don’t like falls. Because the barriers only go as far as the biggest guys belly in your row, if there is a distance you really feel the danger of falling out on the drop. The  ride is really good however some of the effects, for me at least, were disappointing. One of the main dinosaurs in the first part was out of action and even although there was some fencing around it, on one of the rides I could see an ride mechanic walking around fixing it. On the ascent into the plant you can clearly see the robotic arm one of the dinosaurs is attached too. Small things that maybe the average rider wouldn’t notice but I did an
d it ruined it slightly. Despite this, it is a really good fun – and quite long- ride. You don’t get too wet but I wouldn’t have any cameras or phones about without them being in some sort of waterproof bag.

Shrek 4-D is located back up in the Upper Lot and because I love Shrek, I was kind of looking forward to this ride. However, after being on a ride like the Simpsons, it kind of sucks. Its a typical 4D show with a theatre and large screen where you wear 3D glasses. The ‘jump out’ effects are typical, the chairs slightly move and the whole thing after riding the Simpsons is disappointing. Ride this BEFORE the Simpsons and you may appreciate it a lot more.

Terminator 2:3D is similar but includes live action as well. Some of the actors come out of the screen for dialogue. This attraction is really old and was playing at Universal Studios Florida when I visited in 1997. Although the attraction does show it’s age, I really enjoyed it – more than Shrek 4D.

The main attraction of the park is the Studio Tram Tour: a tram tour around the lots of the studios showing various sets scenes and going through various staged events. On busy days it’s apparently better to try and get on this first thing as it gets large queues towards the afternoon. On our quiet day we went around half 11 and queued for 5 minutes. It lasts maybe about 45minutes or so and is really quite interesting. The length of the tram ruins some effects – for example, the broken bridge breaks twice; once for each 2 parts of the tram. That being said, less tram would equal more queue.

Some of the really good staged effects were the flash flood, The Fast and Furious Cars and the Bates Motel scene where the Psycho comes at the tram with a knife. We had a really enthusiastic tour guide who decided to pretend she was mates with every star that was shown on the DVD to fill space between travelling between sets. Some of the awesome sets you can visit are the War of the Worlds crash scene which is amazingly impressive, New York and Western streets used in a variety of films, and Whysteria Lane from Desperate Housewives which for me, was epic. If you have been to Orlando you will know in Universal Studios Florida they have two separate rides for Jaws and Earthquake (now Disaster!). These don’t appear separately in Los Angeles but as part of the staged events in the tram tour. The Earthquake portion takes place in a lot building where you are apparently going onto a
˜live set’. The attack of Jaws takes place just beside a river. This summer they are adding a new King Kong attraction which will take place in 3D and the previews look awesome.

As well as the tour they have a variety of different shows which take place throughout the day. Universal’s Animal Actors, WaterWorld and the Special Effects stage.

Universal’s Animal Actors is a 20minute show demonstrating the skill
ls of trained animals which have appeared in films and television programmes. I thought it was quite a short cute film. One of the monkeys was new and made a few mistakes but the trainer was adamant we do the scene a few times so the monkey could get it right which I thought was quite cute. One of the dogs in the show Kate and I noticed was the one shown in a movie we caught in New Zealand a month later.

WaterWorld is a love water/stunt show which is fantastic. Its apparently based on a movie which crashed and burned in the cinema but the show is awesome. We sat in the wet area and you get soaked. Not from effects, or jet skis but just because the actors come with buckets of water and through them over you – its fun. Most of the actors which take part have been in a variety of shows and at the end of each show they come out and bow and somebody announces who they are and what they have been in.

Special Effects Show consists of three short theatres: a Sound Lab, a MakeUp lab and a Effects lab. It’s a nice 30minute show with some good humor and although I knew how half the effects were done anyway, it was pretty entertaining and funny.

Another live attraction is the House of Horrors which can only be described
as terrifying. You walk around a few sets in a maze style building while characters scream and chase you. It’s really fantastic and as long as everybody in your line is up for it, its probably the best 5 minutes in the park. The second time you go round is, obviously, not going to be as much fun but what I liked was that the characters that appeared had changed. For example, the first time we went round there were four mummies against a wall: one being real who scared us. The second time all four mummies were fake. Not knowing where they are is great.

My favourite ride of all is The Revenge of the Mummy. Placed in the old E.T Adventure building, it is half dark ride half roller coaster. Kate was too scared to go on it at first so I had to venture in myself. After three show scenes you get launched at 70km/h into a dark arena where you twist and turn, before nearly hitting a brick wall and doing the same backwards. The only problem with this ride is how short it is. I’m not sure the whole thing lasts 3 minutes. While Kate & I probably went on it 20 times in the two day
s we were there, a lengthier ride would have been better.


There are not as many characters compared to a Disney Park but I reckon people aren’t really there for the characters. We met the cast from Shrek who made hourly appearances and the characters from the Simpsons were touring around the front of their ride for a while as well. A few younger children’s characters were around the water park section and some of the monsters Universal owns the rights too go around too.

Overall I loved my visit to Universal Studios Hollywood. If you are in Los Angeles I recommend a day there. We had two quiet days which allowed us to do every single attraction at least once; most several times over. If you went on a busy day, I reckon getting everything in would be a push. Universal do a VIP tour which gets rave reviews. Its expensive but you see a lot more on your tram tour, get to walk about the sets and get Front of Line access to the rides and shows.

You can check out http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com for more information on the park.